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Bob Caswell of CASWELL EXCAVATING and GRADING showed up today to do the final grading for the foundation. Tim Hughes and his crew from ROCK HARD FOUNDATIONS arrived later in the day to deliver the footer forms and set the layout for the foundation.

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The long-awaited day has finally arrived. ROCK HARD FOUNDATIONS built the forms and poured the concrete for the frost walls and footers today. On Monday, they plan to be back to build the forms for the walls. Now this is starting to look like a house!

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ROCK HARD FOUNDATIONS was back today, setting the forms for the rear patio footers which go on the double frost wall poured a few days ago in the pit. A stone slinger arrived around noon to spread more crushed stone around the inside of the house to bring the stone up to the top of the footers.

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After raining most of the night, we had a very soggy site to work in. Today, ROCK HARD FOUNDATIONS finished setting up the rebar and forms for the rest of the basement walls which will be 9 feet tall.

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Thanksgiving Day - no work done today, but you can see the finished form work.

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Jillena's dad, Paul, and Jeff took the same 2 weeks off from work beginning the 26th. The concrete for the basement arrives tomorrow, so Paul and Jeff focused on felling more trees and burning brush. Craig brought his Stihl chainsaw out to help today as well. While the big Ford was on site, John and Paul decided to take care of that stubborn tree that's been refusing to fall.

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All of the concrete for the basement walls was poured this morning, and boy did we have a messy site. After last night's rain, we had a slippery slimy few inches of clay and mud around the entire site. This made it very difficult to drive any equipment around. Every truck got stuck at least once.

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Yesterday, a local news anchor contacted Jeff about our project and came out to interview him and find out what all the talk around town was about. Looks like our log home project is going to be on TV! He's also interested in tracking our project through completion!

The site was still very muddy today, but at least it didn't rain, though the threat was there in the afternoon. After only two days, the concrete had cured enough for the forms to come off.

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Today started out dreary and cold, with the threat of rain, but the waterproofers were there early and finished their job within 2 hours. There wasn't much else for us to do today, so Paul and Jeff went shopping for more supplies.

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Bob Caswell brought his backhoe in this morning to backfill the back side of the patio footer. Later, the stone slinger was back to add stone to the basement floor to bring it up to grade. Then the weather turned sour and got very windy, but the work continued.

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Yesterday, Paul and Jeff laid double 1" 4x8 sheets of foam board insulation all along the inside of three of the four walls. Knowing we'd have a few cold nights in a row, this was to help protect the footers from frost damage. Paul used the skid steer to fill the patio pit with stone, so now we can walk across it.

We dealt with our first snowfall today and spent some time removing snow from our work areas. We also laid the exterior drain tile pipe and covered with stone.

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After working hard at keeping water away from the footers and fighting the wind to keep the perimeter insulated over the past two days, Paul and Jeff began installing the sill plate today.

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Another chilly day, but we finished installing the sill plate. Next begins the hard work of putting up the lifting poles.

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