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Timber Products Inspection came out today to inspect and stamp our 2nd floor beams. Almost every one passed at full length. Some passed for shorter beams, once we cut off some bad spots on the ends. Later, Jeff got back to work on the north end gable siding and Bob started marking the beam locations on the girders.

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Bob has been working at meticulously laying out the locations of the 2nd floor beams on top of the girders, and labeling each one's height adjustment to get them all level with each other. Jeff finished assembling a ceiling fan before relocating to the south wall to continue the gable siding. Jillena worked on the upper level of the west wall, prepping it for chinking.

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Today, Bob was working on marking the heights and locations of the 2nd floor beams on the north wall. He and Jeff also transferred the location of one particular beam to the floor. This beam will have a framing wall tied into it. The picture at the left shows the string line tied to a screw in a north wall log. This string line followed the future location of that wall beam. In addition, Jeff did a little more ceiling fan work, and Jillena worked away at the insulation and lath on the west wall.

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Bob created a template for routing our notches in the wall logs to accept the 2nd floor beams. He first did a test run on some scrap log sections, which turned out great! Jeff added the top trim piece to the front door, which is now almost finished.

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