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Jeff finished assembling the ceiling fan over the living room area before the scaffolding got moved to the south wall for gable siding work. Bob was busy laying out the 2nd floor beam locations across the rear girder and Jillena was working away on the west wall some more.

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Jeff started installing fan #3 of 4, as another weeknight project. He only got the mounting bracket secured to the ceiling box, which was enough of a chore.

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Back to the ceiling fan from a few days ago. Jeff ran into a little trouble with the 4' downrod we had purchased to use in place of the short one that came with the fan, but all is well now. The fan is now installed, except for the blades since they'll be in the way when we set up the scaffolding for chinking the east wall.

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Among the projects for this Friday were changing out the light fixture on the last ceiling fan Jeff installed. We purchased a more antique-looking 4-light fixture to use instead of the stock "dome" style. Jeff helped Bob with the 2nd floor beam location measurements, and Jillena was back on the west wall scaffolding, working on insulation and lath.

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