May 2008

Stephen's first time meeting Ginny (a family friend).
Also the first time Stephen meets Margie, Jillena's boss from the Sayre Theater.
It's been a couple of months since Debbie has seen the little man!
Stephen's first experience with theater candy!
KISSES! We love kisses!
I don't know about all this LOVE!
Stephen with his second cousin Jennifer for the first time.
A very busy boy.
Sitting in the sun with Great Grandma C. and Great Great Aunty Doris!
Stephen gets his first taste of milk and rice from a bottle.
Stephen has discovered rolling over. Sometimes over and over and over.
Jillena took the second try at feeding Stephen some rice and milk. She had a little more success than Jeff did.
Stephen meets his Aunt Joanne (Jeff's youngest sister) from Oregon for the first time.


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