Our friend Mary Beth was our first new visitor today.
Beth, Alissa and Paul (also expecting), and Jillena's local relatives Aunt Chris and Uncle Scott.
Aunt Chris with her niece's son. Would that make Stephen her 2nd nephew?
Jillena feeling a lot better today.
Jeff and his boy.
Longtime friends of Jillena's family, Greg, Marie, and their boys Caleb, Josiah and Isaac came by a little later.
Josiah checks out Stephen in his hospital bed.
Marie cradles little Stephen.
Josiah and Marie.
Josiah, Marie and Isaac.
Greg got a chance to hold Stephen, too.
Isaac was the first of the boys to hold the baby.
Josiah was next.
After Caleb saw his brother hold Stephen, he wanted a turn. The brothers all enjoyed the little guy.
When Greg and Marie and the boys were on their way out, our friends Ted and Ellie were on their way in.
Ellie is Alissa's mom. Looks like she's warming up for her own grandchild in another month.
Ted and Ellie brought Stephen his first Christmas ornament: a pair of bronze shoes.
After we had some time to rest after a day of visitors, Jeff's parents stopped in for a quick visit.
Gramma and Grampa Hand.
Gramma Hand holds a sleepy Stephen.


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