Jeff explains part of our building process to Bill, who is in the tool-collecting phase of his project.
Bill and Sue experience defuzzing. I think they might look at alternative means of cleaning their logs, rather than using a pressure washer like we did.
LouElla, Jillena, and Sue up on the first deck.
LouElla climbed up to the second level as they worked on the 2nd floor bathrooms area.
After Bill and Sue left, we decided to roll the tower over to the east wall and start on the first 2nd floor bathroom window. After Jillena and Aaron (Rusty and Vicky's son) marked the rough opening and fastened our cutting guide boards to the wall, Fletcher volunteered to make the cut down the right side.
Next, the saw was passed to Rusty who made the cut down the left side...
...and the full log sections were pushed out and fell to the ground.
After Fletcher, Rusty and Vicky and the boys left, Jeff was up on the tower making the kerf cuts in the header log, and throwing lots of wood chips that looked like snow from the outside.
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