Here's all the material we got cut at the sawmill yesterday. We didn't end up cutting the two log pieces on the truck because they had rebar pins in them. Probably a smart move.
With the third level picks set, Jeff and Bob continued stapling the plastic further up the rafters.
The excess plastic draped over the safety rails made it look like a fort up there.
This excess needs to somehow go up over the ridge pole. First, Bob marked each rafter on the plastic.
Next, he cut slits at each mark to create flaps.
Then he fed each flap up over the ridge pole between rafters...
...and pulled the flap down over the other side. When we reach the ridge pole on the other side, we'll tuck those flaps over these and tape the seam.
With Jillena at the saw, Bob could do some nailing...
...as well as Jeff.
Looking down from top scaffold deck at Jillena cutting a ceiling board for the guys in the air.
That high up and that close to the ceiling, it's difficult to see if they're actually working up there. Here, Bob uses a scrap piece of T&G and a rubber mallet to knock a board down for a tighter fit.
But at the end of the day, the progress is obvious.
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