This was the first slab to come off our log with the largest knot. Looks like it might make a good guitar.
Jillena measures down 1/2" to take another slab off.
The second slab to come off had more of the wood intact around the knot, but still had a hole in it for Jillena to peek through.
Jillena was as shocked as the rest of us when the mill owner, Jim, asked her to take the controls for a while. She operated it like a pro.

Jillena at the controls of the sawmill.
(click image to play video)

Later at the house, we put the third level on the scaffold towers without the picks, and got ready to start stapling the second half of the plastic.
A view from the second level. Our working height is about the same as the top wall log.
To start this second row of plastic, we first kept it folded and laid it across all of the third level frames.
Next, we started at one end by unfolded it a little and squaring it with the gable wall, then stapling up the gable edge.
We then worked our way along the ceiling, tucking the upper plastic under the excess from the lower plastic.
A bucket did just fine for Jeff to gain a little height, but Bob had to improvise.
6-mil. plastic does funny things to hair.
We've got the plastic started and stapled about three feet up, and the seam taped from end to end.
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