Jillena and Bob were the installers again for this side, with Jeff running the saw.
Jillena and Bob already ran their string line and are on the second row of boards.
Checking against the string line to make sure the first couple of rows are straight.
Bob nails a board in the second row.
Jeff cuts a board for the aerial crew.
Jeff could simply pass the longest boards up to Bob and Jillena. But most had to be hauled up with a rope.
Some longer boards had a "dog leg" or a slight hook in them, like this one. For these, Bob pushed down the high areas to tighten up the T&G joint while Jillena nailed it in place.
Fitting another board with a cutout around a ceiling fan box. This is the last of four.
Again, a perfect fit! Nice job on cutting the hole, Jeff. (Of course, it was Bob's jigsaw that did all the work.)
We've now got both lower halves done. We're making good time.
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