Before we could start on the ceiling, we had to build a continuous work platform with our three scaffold towers. Jillena passed the picks up to Bob on the first level...
...who carried them to where we needed them for the second level...
...and passed them up to Jeff.
It's a rare "treat" to have Tom helping us, so we made sure we got some significant work out of him. While Jeff and Bob were finishing setting up the towers, Tom, Jillena and LouElla transferred our ceiling boards upstairs.
Tom was in charge of sending the boards upstairs. To make things easier, we set up a ramp using a scrap section of an I-joist.
Jillena and LouElla took the boards and stacked them in piles according to length.
The scaffold towers are connected at the second level, creating a platform that runs almost the entire length of the house.
Jillena and LouElla created three groups of boards - one in each of the three thirds of the house.
Jeff, Bob, and Tom scoot along the deck, stapling a 12-ft. wide sheet of plastic along the cap board at the base of the ceiling.
Meanwhile, as Jeff and Bob were continuing to staple the plastic further up the rafters, Tom and the girls unloaded the lumber we got cut at the mill yesterday.
With the plastic now stapled from end to end, and as far up the ceiling as the guys could reach at this height, the remainder drapes over the safety rails.
Jillena and Bob set a string line about a foot up the rafters for a guide to start the first row.
Bob starting a row tight to the gable wall with the plastic wrapped behind the end of the board.
Finish-nailing a long board. Jeff ran the saw for a while, cutting each board to a length that fell on a rafter.
LouElla kept busy defuzzing more logs.
Bob putting some pressure on a slightly warped board while Jillena nails it in place.
Later in the day it got a little colder so Jillena threw on her coveralls. We're making good progress at this point, though it was a little uncomfortable having to constantly bend over.
Jillena nails another board in place.
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