After securing the log on the rails, we started by taking off enough of the top crown to get a flat surface from end to end.
Next, we measured down 1/2" to take off a slab that we'll use for siding material.
Ready to cut the 1/2" slab.
Taking off the 1/2" slab.
(click image to play video)
Taking off another 1/2" slab.
(click image to play video)
Our friend, Dave, at the controls.
Once we took off a few slabs, we rolled the log 90 degrees and took off more 1/2" slabs. We did this on all four sides until we had a squared beam.
For the dimensions of this beam, we were able to get four 1-1/2" boards, which we then rotated and cut again to at 3-1/2" to get eight 2x4's. Here, Jeff is measuring for the 3-1/2" cut.
This is Jake, the mill owner's dog.
A view from the truck bed.
Jillena and Bob were kept busy, pulling the slabs and lumber off and stacking everything on the truck.
Jillena thought Jeff looked cool in this pic so it got included. :-)
This is Jim, the mill owner, talking with Bob above the noise of the mill.
Jake couldn't find the last stick we threw for him, so he pulled a dead shrub out of the ground and brought that back instead.
Dave runs this mill like a pro.
We got some really nice, straight boards today.
Jeff and Bob figured there was enough time left in the day to get the extension ladder out and put up 1-ft. batts in the rafter bays just outside the eave walls.   Bob did the cutting and Jeff did the stuffing. Each batt got pushed up the bay until it hit the spacer block. This will eliminate any thermal breaks over the walls.
Bob's custom batt delivery system: tie a rope around the batt...
...and have Jeff pull it up.
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