Checking the level on the first board to go up for the landing box frame. This board is for the head of the lower stair section.
Nice job, Bob! That's why you're doing this and not Jeff.
More leveling.
Checking the level across opposite sides.
While Bob was doing what he does best, Jeff was staying out of his way and installing some homemade hangar brackets to hold the radiant tubing along send and return runs that don't need to be in contact with the floor.
These lines will be suspended as they pass through a different zone in their journey to or from the manifolds in the utility room. The brackets are just plumber's tape wrapped around the tubing, with some heater hose John supplied for protection.
Looking from outside the stairwell through the two logs that the landing is being constructed around. Jeff is making this gap a little bit wider so a joist can slide through to the ledger that will lay in these two notches.
A better look at what Jeff's doing.
Bob checks the last joist he installed. You can see by the extra lumber under the corners that he decided to "overbuild" for additional safety. At each corner there is plenty of horizontal and vertical support.
When Bob was finished, he and Jeff set the lower staircase in place for a dry fit, and everything lined up perfectly! It's hard to get good help these days, and we're sure glad we've got some. Thanks, Bob!
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